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Talea Claassens gr11 Life Sciences Title: The effect of Red Bull (caffeine) vs taking nothing on your heart-rate and speed during the course of a 50m swim. Research Question: Will Red Bull have a positive result on your heart-rate and swimming speed compared to the results of not taking the red bull. Hypothesis: The Red Bull will have the best result on the heart-rate and swimming speed (increasing your speed) followed no supplements. Motivation: I chose this topic because I am a competitive swimmer and i 'm always looking for ways to improve my swimming speed in the most efficient way. Aim: To find an effective way to swim faster and how the supplements contribute to your speed and heart rate and to understand the affect of energy drinks on a…show more content…
- 500ml of Red Bull. - 3-5 Individuals = swimmers. Literature Review: Red Bull may give you more energy for a short amount of time, the caffeine in Red Bull will absorb into your bloodstream while your body responds by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. While Red Bull increases your energy it will allow you to swim fast at the start of the 50m sprint but your speed will decrease as the energy is being absorbed Taking no supplements will keep your heart rate and energy at its normal levels, thus providing you with no extra energy to sustain you for the entire 50m sprint, which will result in your speed being faster at the beginning but decreasing at end speed due to your energy being used with no extra energy to sustain for the rest of the sprint. The result will either be the same or lower than the Red Bull. Chart representing average heart rates: - Female (bpm) Excellent: 61 -65 Average: 74-78 Poor: 85+ - Male (bpm) Excellent: 56-61 Average: 70-73 Poor: 82+ Conclusion: Red bull increased the heart rate drastically but did not make the swimmer swim much faster thus Red Bull would not be a good stimulant for speed

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