Red Bull Pestel Analysis

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MONSTER Energy Drink THREAts Created in 2001 2% of market share Target audience a neurological boost. Caffeine - very similar concentration to a small cup of coffee. Constant Red Bull consumption could potentially increase the risk for chronic health problems. If you drink Red Bull before going to sleep, you may have difficulty sleeping because the caffeine may still be stimulating your central neurological system and you from feeling drowsy. MARKETING 2.0/3.O Blanca Alemany Alba Xiang Felix Aguirre Cristina Alvarez AB Jaime Votteler OUR OBJECTIVE A PESTEL analysis of Red Bull, coming across not only its strengths and weakneses as a brand, but also possible threats and opportunities. To use market segmentation criteria and describe…show more content…
PESTEL ANALYSIS Targeted to younger generations and thus, will fail in >35 age range areas. MARKETING CLASSIFICATION INDIRECT MARKET: Instead of Red Bull people may buy coffee, which may seem healthier and it has a similar purpose. CONSUMER BUYING PROCESS 1) The costumer is in need of a psychological/physical boost , caused by fatigue. BIBLIOGRAPHY When it comes to consumers, Red Bull strives to build a culture , in which consumers feel identified with the brand. Same market audience : young active individuals seeking a temporary boost. In countries aware of the severe health concerns, such as Denmark and Norway, Red Bull is only sold in pharmacies. Should be taken into account social externalities of consuming too much caffeine (health risks) Gender : They mainly target males, although females could be considered relative consumers Income : Red bull associated a certain luxury with their brand name and hence caters to a segment that is ‘well off’ in terms of income. Occupation : Students, sports enthusiasts, athletes. Lifestyle : Business class, highly active individiuals, students. Personality : impelling, open to experience. Occasions : Regular, special. Loyalty status: medium Loyal.

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