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After analyzing all the raw data, and doing even more calculations. I can definitely say that, there are some trends and correlations in this study. Comparing and contrasting both the data of the nutritional contents, and my raw cumulative data of ten trials for each drink, helped find these many correlations and trends. Starting off, for Mouse #1, the sum of the baseline data, which was 10 trials, equaled to 5950.13 cm. While comparing that sum to the Red Bull trial, which was 6480.25. Overall, that was an numerical increase of of 530.12 cm or in percentage terms, a 8.91% increase. While the next drink for Mouse #1, which was Nos, the overall numerical increase from the baseline data was 716.73 cm, while percentage wise, was a 10.75% increase.…show more content…
While, Full Throttle finished in first, due to its percentage increase of over 20.60%. But why is this? Was it due to the mouse, since RockStar was tested by Mouse #2, compared to Full Throttle being tested with Mouse #3? All things considered, it probably was due to the sodium content. As mentioned earlier, Full Throttle finished first, due to it having the most distance being ran, however, it was second in sugar content compared to Monster, however the decrease was quite minimal as it was only a 4 gram difference. However, comparing Full Throttle sodium content to Rockstar, its sodium content was more than double it as it had 160 grams, compared to the lowly 70 grams that RockStar had. So it should be noted that if a drink has both a high sugar and sodium content, the trend would be it would give the best performance for distance. Such as with Monster who finished third in sugar content, still finished second for most distance ran, as it beat Rockstar due to it having an astonishing 370 grams of sodium. However, one outlier of this trend that didn’t seem to perform on par with that standard was Nos. Even though Nos, had just one gram of sugar less than Monster it had the most sodium with 410 grams, but finished last with only a 10.75% increase.

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