Red Cabbage: Brassica Oleracea

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2.4 Red cabbage Brassica Oleracea L.Var.Capitataf.Rubra is a specific name to red cabbage. The genuine of this plant was from South –Western Europe & Mediterranean region [1]. Nowadays, we can find it from over the world, not just by from it genuine. Brassicaceae, is the family that red cabbage belongs to[2]. Red cabbage contains the source of anthocyanins, this anthocyanins contribute the colour to this plant. Since the anthocyanins are unique, by being wisely in colour range by its characteristic which is an indicators. This plant pH-range was very broad compare to others anthocayanins from, e.g. grape skin, elderberry and black current, which only can take a limited degree of colour at pH<4. While anthocyanin in red cabbage can perform…show more content…
The compounds are almost all metal compound. The example of mordant that usually used in dyeing textiles are alum, iron, tin, blue vitriol, and tannic acid. However, alum is one of the most effective mordant and fairly non-toxic. Alum (potassium aluminium sulphate) is the most common mordant. It does not effect the colour. To helps evenness and brightens, it is usually work out together with cream of tartar. The common ration is 85 gram of alum and 28 gram of cream of tartar. Iron (ferrous sulphate) is called copperas. It will approaching dark colour in green shades. Usually post-mordanting will be apply to the wool fabric. The treated fabric must be rinse well because to much iron will harden the fabric and make it streak. Tin (stannous chloride) usually produce brightens colour. It is expertise in reds, oranges and yellows. The treated fabric with stannous chloride need to be rinse in soapy water before applying dye. It is corrosive, be sure to clean up throughly and handle carefully. Blue vitrial (copper sulphate) also bring out green colours. The copper sulphate does not need others substances to perform. Its only perform by itself. The treated fabric need to be rinse well and caution blue vitriol is poisonous. Tannic acid is a mordant for great colours for tans or browns. Cotton and iinen fibers are perform greatly with the presence of Tannic acid. For the wool mordanted with tannic acid before dyeing tends to create darken
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