Red Chief Movie Vs Short Story

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The short story and the movie have some similarities and differences. The movie had some stuff that the short story didn’t have. The similarities that the movie and the story have are Red Chief calls Bill Old Hank and he calls Sam snake eyes. Also, another similarity is that Red Chief didn’t want to go home. Another similarity is that Bill and Sam wrote a letter to Mr. Dorset for the return of Red Chief. They ended the letter with “Two Desperate Men”. They wanted some money so they put up a kidnapping so they can get some money. There are some differences too about the movie and the story. One difference is on the movie is that Bill and Sam didn’t offer Red Chief some candy; they put him in a trunk and put Red Chief in the back of a car. Another difference is Red Chief didn’t run away when the kidnappers took him. The letter that the kidnappers wrote, Sam didn’t send it to Mr. Dorset. He gave it to the boy so he can give it to Mr. Dorset. In the movie, Bill didn’t get hit by a brick from Red Chief.…show more content…
I got up from my bed looking out my window. Oh no…POW! I heard Red Chief hitting on my window and gave it a small crack. I was so mad that my face was red like a bright tomato. I told him to get out, but he wouldn’t listen to me. So, I leave out my room with blue pajamas, and opened the door. He was right in my face saying, let’s play, let’s play, let’s play. I had to move out so I won’t see him again. Even though, I forgot my things from the old house, I can still have peace and
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