Red Chief Movie Vs Story

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To start off on The Ransom of red chief story and movie that is filled with miniature similarities and differences. In the beginning two criminals Bill and Sam come to Summit looking for a ransom so they decided to kidnap Mr. Dorset’s son Johnny, and for return 150 dollars. The story and movie are somewhat similar but has individual differences. Meanwhile the story is originally told as stated above on the other hand the movie has a little twist. For example the first part story Sam and Bill try to sell little Johnny candy from their made up candy shop, as shown in the story the criminals slowly slide In to take the young boy. Also in the climax of the story Sam leaves helpless Bill to play with Johnny while he delivers the mail to the post office , yet in the movie Sam asked multiple questions to see if anyone recognizes or worries about the boy missing but there was no luck. Later in this scene he gives little blonde headed boy the ransom note to deliver for him. Next In the beginning of the story both Sam and Bill share a buggy only to show in the movie red chief driving in their car almost into…show more content…
At this level summit felt defeated the neighbors couldn’t take anymore the town got weaker and smaller no one could handle Johnny even if it meant leaving behind family for your own safety you would feel to leave also. Yet with the moving it just gave the boy more room to tear up and destroy without somebody telling him to get out of his or her yard now he could do whatever he wanted. Soon he realized what evil he had done by taking a look at his wor ,and he didn’t feel too happy about it but it was just too late. Lastly all the little boys and girls old men and women were gone with their pets right along with them , Johnny felt once again lonley now what is there to
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