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Our city is located on Mars and is called Red City. Our climate is about 70 degrees since it is on the equator, and has a dome to keep give us oxygen. We can set the inner dome temperature to whatever we want, without citizens getting angry. Our geography is favorable because, it is on Mars, which is a very rare area. We have buildings downtown and the houses in a different area. We have magnets that are on the roads and on the bottom of the cars, buses, and trains, to keep them off the ground. We have bikes and trails and phunkeducks. These help us because there is no pollution and it keeps the citizens healthy. We only have two lanes on each side of the roads so, there is traffic, but that encourages the citizens to bike or…show more content…
They need to compact thousands of pounds of junk into the compartment of a drone rocket, which you can imagine is not easy. All trash is shipped from Red City by tube. The tube is designed to use air pressure to deliver trash- and the air pressure is strong enough that virtually nothing is left inside it and it only needs to be cleaned once every two years. The trash is separated by hand. All this uses energy. Fortunately, red city has an efficient energy source: Venus. Since Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, Red city has covered five million square miles of it with heat and sunlight absorbing pads. These generate enough energy every day to power all of red city for six months! Once a week, a few spaceships go to venus to collect all that energy and bring it all the way back to Red City, and about one-fourth of the energy is shipped to earth. Since so much energy is left over, most of it is stored for times of crises on earth and mars. The trash management plant also generates lots of smoke. The smoke is absorbed by the energy management section of the plant. Machines in this plant take the smoke and convert it all into energy. As stated, Even though waste management takes up vast amounts of energy, Red city is a city with definitely enough energy to cover for the waste management, and produces lots of it

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