Red Cloud Biography

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Red Cloud
Red cloud was born near Nebraska North Platte. He was a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Red clouds parents were Walks as she thinks she was from the Oglala Sioux tribe and his father was Chief lone man he was from the Brule Sioux tribe. After red clouds father had died he stayed with his mother learning how to hunt and fight. His uncle soon stood up and helped his mother raise him. His uncle’s name was chief smoke. During those times he grew up with him he taught him all kind of things. As he got older he soon became the chief of the tribe. And he was one of the best chief, his first war he fought in was the Sioux war. That war was between the Oglala tribe and the Sioux. That war started in 1854 and lasted all the way to 1891.
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They were their main enemy’s. He had gained the respect with all the other tribes. But he gained a reputation for raiding the crow and Pawnee tribe a lot. Another war he had fought in was against the U.S. That war was due to the U.S. soldiers looking for gold in the land that the Oglala tribe was living on. The Oglala tribe fought the U.S. army. The Oglala had defeated the U.S Red Cloud was the first chief that had ever beat the army and was also the last to defeat them.
During the Lakota war chief crazy horse and chief sitting bull were fighting with him but he did not want to join them in the fight. So he fought by himself. After the Lakota war they had problems at their home land with the U.S looking for the gold. So they agreed to move to pine hill reservation at South Dakota in 1878. During those years he married a girl named pretty owl. They were married for about 67 years. He had five children their names were Louise red cloud he was born on 1850. Jack red cloud he was born on 1854. Tells him red cloud was born on 1858. Charges at red cloud was born on 1860. Comes back red cloud was born on 1861.
In the early 1880’s he stepped down as leader. He was greatly known for the red cloud war and the war against the U.S. he died on December 10, of 1909 at pine ridge south Dakota. He is buried at pine ridge at his own
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