Red Death Is The Shiz Analysis

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Red Death is the shiz. Yo! There are colors in rooms, a clock, and a stranger. Moral of the story: Poe is messed up in the head. Another moral of the story: Do not let strangers into your house. My computer does not like me today. Bro, I need to remind myself not to use contractions. Bad Sara. This is turning into one of those times that I really do not want to do work, but I need it to look like I am working. So here I am, writing about stuff. Maya would be so proud of me. I just used subjunctive tense! I also just used a very big word. Subjunctive. I can’t spell subjunctive. Now back to Red Death. Colors=Love. Each room is a different color and symbolizes something different.
Paragraph number two. Was that a good transition? Paragraph one
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