Red Destiny Analysis

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Red Destiny 2011 p019 Him, his journeys, his vision and accomplishments. Reading the relevant chapters of Acts while on the ship and tracing his substantial travels; as well as meditation on his Mars Hill talk and how he wove Judeo-Christianity with Western civilization through citing a Greek poet to describe Jesus - I am awed! I prayed, as I always do when I remember, to present the Word in a way that allows people to truly heart it a God speaking to their spirits. I only had time to glance at the readings, but they were so good and clear and my heart was so swollen with love and honor and gratitude, that the reading flowed. Paul’s letter struck me in a particularly personal way, as it was his statement of wanting to be with Christ and , therefore, looking forward to death as bringing that. But if he is…show more content…
I spent the afternoon in casing at the house (3621 Madison) with the contractor and the gardener, tending to the final tasks of getting the house ready to sell. As I was driving back home, I looked at the clock and turned around - I did not want to Red Destiny 2011 p021 miss the opportunity of seeing my grandsons (I knew Phaedra was away)l As I pulled up to Marie’s house (we have reverted to past names - her choice), Max (now eight) who was playing outside with friends, got so excited seeing me. I just love how happy they always are to see me - a result, I am sure, of how much joy I feel when I see them - a mutually reinforcing system! It turns out Jared and Marie were having a very rough time and she was basically praying for help when I walked in. Jared was grounded “from everything” until his grades were raised (!!) Jared and I had a long talk about many things. He really does listen well and will share honestly if he isn’t in his defensive attitude place. I just love that boy so much. I think the bond is especially strong because I was there at his birth and got to give him his first
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