Red Dragon Research Paper

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Once upon a time there were four dragons, each one a different color and these colors represented different effects of life. The red represented fire, the green being land, blue being the sea and the clear being a representation of wind. Each one of these dragons divided among a planet having their own little space. The dragons were not all friendly to each other because they don’t see each other very often. So as the years passed by and the dragons began to really settle into their space. They all had created what they thought was their own habitat and where they would live for the rest of their lives which they thought was a world that never died off so they were unstoppable when one day the green dragon tripped over his grass land onto the blue dragons sea. Once he has woken, he realized the dirt was no longer on his feet and that he had landed in the water. That is not all that he noticed he seen that there were some trees growing on the land that the water surrounded. So these two dragons realized they could mix their land and live together for eternity, and so they did. But little did they know that the other two dragons decided to try and do the exact same thing they did. Yet this time when the other two dragons tried to do it the red dragon had no idea that the clear…show more content…
And survive from harsh weather like the cold, whipping 20 mph wind all year round so the houses the humans have built using the trees that were once created by the four dragons combining to stay warm and to survive. They also used the trees to burn them and create a fire just as the fire dragon did when he set all of the land on fire once before. Humans were not once here so the animals and fish stocked up and there was an over abundance of wildlife that the people ate to get rid of hunger and to survive so they could expand their land and make the earth a beautiful living
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