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Red Fish Grill or McDonald’s? Where should a dinner date take place? Red Fish Grill and McDonald's make excellent choices of restaurants. Red Fish Grill is located in Morehead City and is a higher class restaurant that can be a bit pricey. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant located all over the world that is very cheap. After the couple evaluates certain qualities of the two restaurants, it should become clear which restaurant will be suitable for a dinner date. The appropriate choice of where a couple should go on a dinner date depends on the lifestyle, finances, and the time the couple possesses. The selection of Red Fish Grill or McDonald’s should reflect the lifestyle of the couple. Firstly, Red Fish Grill is a healthy choice for…show more content…
Red Fish Grill prices range anywhere between fifteen dollars to forty dollars, which can be quite expensive for two people. The couple's total can range from anywhere between forty to a hundred dollars after ordering drinks, entree, and desserts. Nevertheless, Mcdonald’s prices are on the cheaper side of the spectrum. The most expensive thing on McDonald’s menu is six dollars, which is the Big Mac combo, making the total price of the meal approximately twenty five dollars after drinks, entree, and dessert. Red Fish Grill would be a great choice for dinner if finances are not tight. McDonald’s would be a good choice if finances are a concern. Time is yet another factor to consider when determining whether Red Fish Grill or McDonald’s is best. Eating at Red Fish Grill will require more time. Red Fish Grill could take anywhere from an hour to three hours to be sat, receive the food, and consume it. On the other hand, McDonald’s will only require the couple to have a maximum of thirty minutes to receive the food and consume it. McDonald’s food takes a short period of time to prepare because it is prepackaged and frozen before ordering. Red Fish Grill takes a longer time to prepare food because all food is fresh and made to
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