Red Lipstick Case Study

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1-Differentiation of red lipsticks using the attenuated total reflection technique supported by chemometric methods. Marta Gladysz, Malgorzata Krol, Pawel Koscielniak (2017) The objective of this study was to solve this problem by using a nondestructive analytical technique –attenuated total reflection spectroscopy (ATR). 38 red lipsticks produced by 20 different manufacturers were examined in optimized experimental conditions to facilitate discrimination and provide more extensive analysis of the obtained data, two chemometric techniques: principal component analysis and cluster analysis were used. Further, nine groups of investigated lipstick samples with comparable chemical compositions were differentiated. Moreover, lipstick smears on…show more content…
10% of the samples were too fluorescent to give Raman spectra. 22% of the samples gave spectra which were unique to the brand and color within the collected sample set. The remaining 68% of the samples give spectra which could be classified into seven distinct groups. Discrimination of red lipsticks by this technique was the most difficult. The spectra of deposited lipstick samples remained unchanged over a period of at least a…show more content…
After direct application, the colors of a lipstick were separated on a TLC plate with 2 chromatographic solvents. Individual bands of colors were identified, scraped from the plate, dissolved and determined by HPLC. This method was needed for the separation and determination of synthetic color additives in lip cosmetics because lipsticks contain a more complex mixture of colors than other cosmetics usually difficult to separate. 16-Criminalystic: Effectiveness of lysochromes on the developing of invisible lipstick-contaminated lipmarks on human skin: A preliminary study Esperanza Navarro, Ana Castello, Jose L.Lopez, Fernando Verdu (2006) The objective of this study is to obtain and develop lipmarks from protective or permanent or long-lasting lipstick. The main aim is to determine the effectiveness of several reagents such as Sudan III, Oil Red O, and Sudan Black for the development of invisible lipmarks on the corpse skin. These reagents thereby proved to be useful for obtaining recent latent lip prints

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