Red Lotus Model Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
Domestic violence is acknowledged as an issue of significant importance throughout Australia, both generally and among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. There are many difficulties in assessing the true extent of the issue, but this report presents information currently available in relation to Indigenous Australians. This report includes results and information found from a number of surveys and published research reports and also discusses strategies for improvements of the health and wellbeing among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from the perspective from an ecological, holistic and salutogenic approach.
1.1 The problem and causes of domestic violence within Indigenous communities
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Paradigms are put together to assist in identifying areas in which the individual or group must improve for example, to realize aspirations, to satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment. [7] Therefore, health is seen as a resource for everyday life.
One paradigm that outlines an approach to achieve complete health from a holistic, ecological and salutogenic health perspective is the Red Lotus Model. It is distinct from other health promotion models in that it incorporates a system of values and principles that is applied across the phases of health promotion, including needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. [8] This paradigm is useful as it enables practitioners to proactively and purposefully put into action a connected system of values and principles across the phases of a health promotion process. The principle that authorises the value of holistic health is that health incorporates interrelated dimensions of spiritual, mental, social and physical health and wellbeing. [8] Moreover, key values and principles the Red Lotus model includes are ensuring that needs assessment processes incorporate the perspectives of all stakeholders and prioritising work with communities that are most marginalised, vulnerable, disadvantaged
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This approach to health considers the whole person and how the individual interacts with the environment. It particularly emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Indigenous Australians have a strong connection to the land through spiritual and cultural beliefs. Throughout the past cultural beliefs have been disrupted within these communities due to the development and urbanisation of the surrounding environment and being removed from their land and traditional culture. [3] Male and female roles were significantly important within their society, people losing their sense of identity and self esteem can turn to violence to compensate. An imbalance and inequity within male and female roles can lead to an increase in domestic and family violence. [1,3] Dispossession of Aboriginal men by the white invaders caused their moral authority over their families to be lost. [1] Anger and rage was a common result of this oppression and in turn can lead to the increase of domestic

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