Red Mana Walker

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At a young age Allen garnered the nickname ‘Red’, due to his deformed, red left arm. He was also abandoned by his parents because of it. No one could connect the Exorcist Allen with the nameless circus freak he once was. Defensive, bratty, rude, and even though he was secretly lonely and miserable, these same behaviors protected him – by driving others away. The abusive, cruel, petty monsters, and he had never known anything else. He met his now-deceased adoptive father, Mana Walker, at seven years old. Mana was a completely crazy clown! But, he was also the only person in the world who had ever shown kindness to the deformed little boy, and very considerately named him “Allen”, after the deceased animal that he thinks the boy is. And thus, Allen now portrays himself the way his father taught him, to be kind to others, to smile happily and take the bad things in life in stride, and today Allen has taken those lessons to heart. It’s natural for him to care deeply for people, because despite everything he’s lived through, he has seen the innate goodness of people and believes in that. Even after learning that Mana’s dead brother is living inside his body, ready to possess him at any point, he steadfastly chooses to believe that the crazy clown wasn’t using him – that he really loved him. His compassion…show more content…
Mana, angered beyond belief by this, swung down his his mechanical arms on Allen, causing the scar on his left side of his face. Mana yelled again cursing Allen before Allen 's arm activated, without his consent, acting like it had a mind of its own, before killing Mana a second time. Yet with his final breath, he told Allen that he loved him. Allen’s hair turned white by the trauma and the curse and his left eye developed abilities as the scar healed such as the ability to see whether someone is an Akuma even wearing human
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