Red Mango Street Monologue

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Displeased her pretty dress was covered in blood and tomato juice, she had stripped down to nothing and had begun to walk away from the scene of the crime. The guards charged her with indesentcy and destruction of property after trying to restrain the young Fae and she knocked over the dead man 's tomato stand in her attempt to run away. Garbbed in cloaks of forest green with the city 's symbol of a bear in black on the arm, the guards moved the Fae and murderer to the cells. Covered in a coat five sizes too big for her because she wouldn 't put the soiled dress back on, she sat on the cool ground of the cell. Metal bars seperated her and her book and the burnt orange eyes that thirsted for knowledge found their way upon the killer of the tomato man. There they rested, trying to read the man who didn 't mind staying in bloody clothes.…show more content…
Even though it was no later than late afternoon, the lack of windows to the outside made the place of jailment damp and cool. Torches had to be lit for human eyes to see in the dark places. The warm glow of orange light fell upon the cell mates as she tried to find the words appropriate for what she was trying to say. She wanted to...looking at the man again she realized he was the cause she was in the cell. She did not want to thank this man. She wanted to thank the other one. Disappointed in her current condition, the Fae, 43 in human years but roughly the mentaly capacity of a 12 year old (for Fae live for a very long time) stared at her new and curious looking

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