Red Panda Description

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For this unit in art i will be sculpting a red panda. There are many amazing aspects to this wonderful animal, such as their cute body, where they live, what they eat, what they do in their free time, and some special facts about this cool creature. After this you will be fully educated in the life of a red panda. The red panda really is a cute animal. Its back and torso consists of bright red-orange fur, while its belly and paw are a silky dark black. Their face is semi white with faded red-orange stripes. Its tail is like the cheshire cat or a raccoon. It it red-orange and black striped. The red panda looks only a little larger than a house cat. They weigh about 6-11 lbs. The length of their body (not including their tail) is 1.5-2 ft long. To tie everything off…show more content…
The only time they have come in contact with other is during mating season or with their cubs. They are kinda nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and are up and around in the evening hours and the night. Like cat they clean themselves by licking their fur. When confronted with a predator they try to make a quick escape to a rock or a tree. But if that fails they stand on their hind legs like a person to appear larger to their predator. When they do this it is absolutely adorable. Red panda’s are amazing animals and they have some very special qualities. Such as they are very sensitive to heat and the temperature cannot exceed 77 degrees fahrenheit. Red panda’s are not related to panda’s. When discovered scientists thought they were part of the bear family(pandas), but after close observation they realized they are not in the bear family. Therefore not related to the panda. This was after they got their name of red panda. Now you know all about this wonderful animal and how fantastic their life is. You know their diet, habitat, behavior, appearance and some special facts about this amazing animal. I hope you now how room in your heart to love this animal like a
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