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The red panda; a species somewhat sizeable than a domestic cat; is currently an endangered species. The red panda has a body type similar to one of a bear with fur that is thick with a rustic colour. They also have a lengthly, shaggy tail for balance and for warmth during the seasons with lower temperatures. The red panda is an omnivore. Its diet consists predominantly of bamboo, about 95%; which is very atypical for a mammal. They occasionally feed on insects, fruits, and small organisms, including acorns, berries, mushrooms, bird eggs, mice, rats, lizards, and small birds. The red panda inhabit a narrow range extending from west Nepal to east and southwestern China. They are found in forests with quantities of bamboo.
Reasons For Population
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This is very abrupt since Red Pandas are protected in China, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. They are victim to habitat loss from deforestation or humans’ clear-cutting of their nature ecosystem. You’d think that we would stop clear-cutting their ecosystem after we learnt that they are endangered, however their natural ecosystem is still diminishing as more of their ecosystem is lost to logging and to the ecosystems’ alteration to agroecosystems. Habitat loss and fragmentation are causing the loss of red panda nesting trees and bamboo that the red panda consumes. Logging and other forms of ecosystem damages have caused a disruption or disturbance in the equilibrium of the ecosystem and have given an advantage to the seasonal monsoon; allowing it to hurl rich soil down mountainsides. They are also poached for their unique and distinctive fur in China and Myanmar. Red panda fur caps have been found in many stores all over Southern Asia. Bamboo populations have decreased dramatically with changes in global temperature. Thankfully for the red panda, bamboo still flourish in Southern Asia. Red pandas also often get caught in traps meant for other animals such as wild pigs and deer, when they are caught they

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