The Red Prince Monologue Analysis

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Scene 1-contact Director-Hello,this is the movie the red prince.This is a story of an assassin.Hope you enjoy. Narrator-On a warm summer evening the a strange man walks into a dark and small room. Set diesinger-He walks in and gear and weapons are on the walls. Talon-(on phone) I have completed the task you have asked. Now what? Phill-I have one more thing for you to do. Talon-What? Phill-kill the king of england for 6.3 million dollars. Talon- Ok will do (hangs up). Scene 2 -Death of Talon Narrator-This is Jack and Stacey. They are best friends. They have been friends for all of their lives. Jack is a good kid, kind to others, gets good grades but always knows how to have some fun, His mother and brother were killed when he was 6 years old,…show more content…
NOOOO,I failed you(talking to the prince (Riley stands up). (Police come and start to escort Riley out) Stop! Police-why should we. (Shows them bage)I am a CIA agent. Jack-Riley you are a CIA agent,Stacey did you know this? Stacey-No! Riley-come with me. Scene 6-The reveal Jack-How long have you been a CIA agent. Riley-I can’t give that out! Jack-I want revenge! Riley-Revenge is not the best course of action,revenge is like a fire when you watch your enemy burn you get burned as well. Stacey-Jack,Riley is right revenge is not a good thing. Jack-Well you don’t know what it feels like to lose 5 people to this guy. Riley-still revenge is not good. Stacey-Will you help us find Talon? Jack-That would be a big help. Riley-But I have to report that the prince was killed after that I will help you.If it is ok with the president. Jack and Stacey-The President!!?? Jack-are we shore that we can do this. Stacey-you are the one that wanted to do this(Riley on phone). Riley-Ok I can Help you The pres said I could But I will have to train you in martial arts and firearms. Jack-Wait do we get to break boards. Riley-What do you think? Jack-yes. Riley-yes. Stacey-This is going to be…show more content…
Riley-yes I am next to Talon. Jack-continue your story. Set diesinger-It was A dark aliale after a great movie,There was trash everywhere Riley- I filled thousands of graves in that life.I completed every task that was assented to me but one.My task was to kill Jack’s family.I had down all the research.They loved movies so I gave them free tricks to see the wolverine,after that I was in place to kill them.first I shot a blow dart in your mother 's neck and ruched your brother and Talon stabbed him.Then I went for your father.But I stopped when he said Dad-Please I have a son He is 6 years old ,he will be without a family Riley-I said,I don’t care,I raised my sword and attacked but I stopped and thought about what you would be like without a family and how I felt without one.So I said,Ok I will not kill you. Dad-why I thought I was just a job for money. Riley-Not anymore,I lowered my sword,and helped him up,I guess he never told anyone,maybe. the reason is because he thought I would kill him. Sence-9-The capture of Talon Jack-Prepare die. Riley-There are going to be two hits, me hitting you and you hitting the mat. Stacey-Jack don’t do this, you can’t beat

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