Red Prince Character Analysis

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Scene 1-contact Director-Hello,this is the movie the red prince.This is a story of an assassin.Hope you enjoy. Narrator-On a warm summer evening the a strange man walks into a dark and small room. Set diesinger-He walks in and gear and weapons are on the walls. Talon-(on phone) I have completed the task you have asked. Now what? Phill-I have one more thing for you to do. Talon-What? Phill-kill the king of england for 6.3 million dollars. Talon- Ok will do (hangs up). Scene 2 -Death of Talon Narrator-This is Jack and Stacey. They are best friends. They have been friends for all of their lives. Jack is a good kid, kind to others, gets good grades but always knows how to have some fun, His mother and brother were killed when he was 6 years old, He has two good friends. No one has any clue who killed his parents, but he made a promise that he would find this man and kill him. They have one other friend but we will get back to him later,but he will sone learn that revenge is not the way. Narrator 2- and Stacey this young lass Set designer-The school was the like any other school white brick one the inside. Jack-Hi Stacey, what are you doing? Stacey-I am reading about a murder of prime minister of Australia. Jack-That is horrible. How did it happen? Stacey- Nobody 's really sure but my guess is Talon. Jack-Talon? Stacey- Talon is a world renowned assassin. (going to the library) Jack-This guy is a bad guy(reading book). Stacey- (picks up a book) Jack-That is crazy, let’s
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