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The Red Pyramid also known as the “shining pyramid” is known for containing an appearance of reddish colored limestone. Originally the red colored limestone was a layer on the core of the pyramid and above it was a layer white sandstone that over the years disintegrated. Now only the reddish colored limestone is shown and intact. During construction of the Red Pyramid Snefru wanted to make the Red pyramid more compacted with extra layers of limestone and sandstone. Also he wanted the pyramid to have a much smoother and straighter sides and vertices. The Red Pyramid was assembled by using tura sandstone, sandstone, limestone, and other local stones and minerals from the Nile Delta marshlands. Due to this great amount of stones and minerals applied to the Red pyramid, the pyramid has an overwhelming 160 layers of stone in total. With this large total of layers added to the pyramid in mind, this large number should calculate to the Red Pyramid having a considerable height and base length. The height of the Red pyramid is approximately 345 feet tall and the estimated base length is about 722 feet long. Now getting into specifics of the interior of the pyramid ( e.g chamber locations, corridor lengths, and room measurements ) the entrance to the pyramid is traditionally to the north of the pyramid. Through the entrance there is a 206 foot corridor that descends at a turn of about 27 degrees that arrives at the first chamber. The first chamber is an oval shaped room that is measured 27 feet ( width ) by 12 feet ( length ) and the roof of this chamber has a staggering height of around 40 feet…show more content…
He and his workers had to go through the process of trial and error to build this pyramid. During beginning of construction the Bent Pyramid had very steep corners and sides. Considering this amount of pressure on the slopes of the pyramid they began to crack and dismantle as well the interior began to

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