Red Queen Character Analysis

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A world where the color of skin doesn 't matter but the color of your blood does. In Victoria Aveyard’s new book Red Queen there is a mix of adventure and romance as Mare Barrow takes on the silver world. Mare Barrow was just a common thief when she tried to pickpocket the wrong person. She unknowingly tried to steal from the future king. He saw something in her and offered her a job that would change her life forever. The first day as a red servant for the silver bloods a terrible accident happens that revels that a red has powers of her own. With no-one knowing knowing what happened or who she is the royal family takes the matter in to their own hands. The royal family passes her off as a long lost silver raised my a red family and betroths…show more content…
He saw a thief and gave her a job never thinking that she would end up becoming his sister- in law. Cal has had to become the strong man that the future king has to me. Only he is haunted by his step mother. In the entirety of the book I can saw that I enjoyed the character Mare by far seeing her grow and change as her entire world was turned upside-down. I may not agree with some of her actions, I still found her character the most relatable. She is in the shadow of her siblings and I can say that I feel that I will always be in the shadow of mine. Even thought she has unique abilities she always looks back in what her siblings can do like I do with mine. Through out the book I would have to say my favorite part was when Mare learns and becomes more comfortable with her abilities. That she is no longer afraid that she is lost within herself. On the opposite end of that I can say that did not have a least favorite part of the book. I enjoyed the entirety of it, I never wanted to stop reading it. If I could should change anything I would have to be the ending. As you read the book you learn to love the characters and I just with that what happened wouldn 't because I loved who they were and it all changed. Aveyard has a style that I haven 't really seen before that it has a simplicity of the writhing but it still challenges
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