Red Queen Mare Character Analysis

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the novel Red Queen Mare believes she is one of the two different types of people in the world: red and silver. Mare was born red-blooded. Silvers have different sorts of super human powers, as Reds do not, so they are treated almost as slaves to the Silvers. Reds carry out pretty much all of the dirty work. This is one of the reasons why Mare hates Silvers. In the beginning of the novel it is known that Mare and her family live in a red village called the Stilts. Silvers choose the apprentice jobs for the Reds, this is how Mare’s sister Gira became a silk master and her friend Kilorn a fisherman. Those who are not given are task are sent off to fight a war called conscription once they reach the age of eighteen, as this happened to Mare’s…show more content…
To do this Mare needs the help of her sister Gisa, and so to do this Mare accompanies her in her work in Summerton, a place where Silver royals and elites hold their summer court. Unexpectedly, though, a terrorist attack (by the Scarlet Guard) back in the country’s capital puts Summerton on an edge. Because of this Reds are rounded all across Summerton. When Mare cannot find an opening to steal, Gisa knows that this might be her only chance to save both her sister and Kilorn, Gisa attempts to pickpocket. Instead, though, she is caught in the act and her sewing hand is crushed in punishment. This results in Gisa to never be able to work again. Mare is distraught and unable to face her family, so she instead refuses to give up and travels to a local tavern to try and pickpocket there. She is instead caught by a boy named Cal when trying to steal from him. Cal asks Mare why she is trying to steal, because of the stressful day that Mare had gone through she breaks down and begins to tell Cal about everything that had happened to her that day. Cal later

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