Book Summary: A World Divided By Blood

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A world divided by blood. Red. Silver. Silver’s have abilities which allow them to have godlike attributes. Reds are the ones that are believed to be inferior and the Silvers rule the Reds. Mare Barrow a low Red girl starts out a day as a thief and ends up becoming a lady of a lost Silver house and a future princess. Her life depends on that one lie. A rebellion is starting because of a society of Reds who call themselves the Scarlet Guard. Mare Barrow is not Red nor Silver. She is something new and she is stronger than both. The book that I chose for my NJABBR, this time, was Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard. When I first read it seemed like it wasn’t a deep book at all. As I explored and thought deeper about the world that Victoria Aveyard…show more content…
In the novel, the people are divided into two, the Reds and the Silvers. Silvers are described as superior and more powerful due to their magical abilities and they rule the Reds. Just because of their blood, the Reds are forced into poverty and they are all conscripted to go to war when they are around the age of 17. A Silver said:, “That’s the way the world works. Reds serve, Reds work, Reds fight. It’s what they’re good at. It’s what they’re meant to do,” (Aveyard 171). These kinds of racism and discrimination, unfortunately, happened/happens in our world as well. The discrimination of people depending on the color of their skin was just as bad as well. The main character Mare, developed amazing friendships with some Silvers after she learned to look past the differences and she tried to learn who they really are, not just their appearances. Through reading this novel it helped me to understand the pain of discrimination and since the story was told in first person, I could feel the emotions the main character was feeling. I think discrimination because of what a person’s blood or skin is like is truly an awful thing to do and this novel helped me stand by this argument more
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