Red Riding Hood Vs Goldilocks Essay

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Have you ever gone on an intense journey by yourself? Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks did and they both have very similar stories and they both made important decisions. Both Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks were taking a journey far away from home. However these two girls are very different. They make different decisions as well. These two girls have many similarities and differences based on their choices. Both Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks are full of curiosity. In both of their stories they run into trouble and the thing that’s different is their reactions to the trouble they get into. They are put in very different situations and make different decisions when they’re in trouble. Their choices tell you a lot about their personality…show more content…
She went inside and there was nobody near or in the house. As she went in she realized that there were three bowls of porridge one being hot, one being cold, and the last being just right. She ate the porridge that was just right and then she went to go rest in a chair. There were three chairs, one being little, one being huge, and then the last one being just the right size for Goldilocks. While she was in the chair she broke it and went to go look for a bed to wrest in. She found three beds one being too small, one being too big, and one being just right for Goldilocks. It turned out that three bears lived in that house that Goldilocks had been in all day. The bears saw the porridge and the chair and then they found Goldilocks in their bed. They woke her up and she screamed and ran right of the house. These two characters had very similar choices but also very different choices. Red Riding Hood screamed in shock when she saw the wolf and so did Goldilocks when she saw the three bears. Both of the characters main trait is curiosity because Red Riding Hood was curious about her grandmother and Goldilocks was curious about the vacant house in the woods. Red Riding Hood called out for help when she was attacked on the other hand Goldilocks did not she just screamed and ran away. That their different choice in their

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