Gomez Executive Bus Service Case Study

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1. What markets was Gomez Executive bus service trying to reach? Since the bus service is consisted of the routes that are between two principal cities where the hotel located in, MAYA in Tagucigalpa and Hotel Sula in San pedro Sula, they are expecting tourists/visitors who will stay in the hotels as their target market. Also, the both hotels Maya and Sula are considered as one of the best hotels in each city so their guests were from all around world ranging from US to Europe. However, Gomez executive bus service had only typical customers who had been using the executive bus service came from the Honduran upper classes. 2. From a consumer behavior standpoint, why do you think tourists were not using the bus service? How could this be corrected? In this case, although the Gomez executive bus service is 5 times cheaper than the airline, the consumer behavior shows that the most of tourists already have planned travel and purchased ticket for airline travel. In my…show more content…
There is no exception for the fast-food industry. Plus, there will be more competitors which means, the customers have more choices. For the next five years, it is envisioned that it would be significant to understand trends such as taste, style and pattern of customers. The company would be sensitive with the trends and also be faster than other competitors by knowing how to adopt technologies in this industry. For example, I have seen order machine in a McDonald and I did not have to wait for long line but just I was able to order what I want by simply touching the order machine. Also, recently, I’ve seen a video that I don’t remember the name but it was under famous fast-food chain, they created new order machine that could make their own burger like choose every ingredients that a customer wants. During the next five years the companies in the fast-food industry should be smarter and having better strategies to create valued

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