Red Scare And 9-11 Compare And Contrast

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The Red Scare, and 9-11 had a lot of tragic events. The Red Scare occurred because of the fear of communism in the Unites States during 1919-20. America was afraid that of plotting in a revolution. On 9-11 The terrorist did not have the ability to destroy the united states military so they set their targets on symbolic targets instead , destroying both the twin towers, killing and injuring thousands of people. During the Red Scare on September 1920, on Wall Street a bomb exploding and killing 38 people, another bomb destroyed A Mitchell Palmers, and Attorney General home. 9-11 was nothing like The Red Scare. They both killed and injured plenty. The guys that bombed the towers on 9-11 were suicide bombers, meanwhile the ones that dropped the

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