Red Scare And Communism

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During and after the World War II, United States government realized that the influence of communism as a serious problem which was penetrated in the country. The communists were identified as their fellow employees and members in Universities, factories, businesses and also in churches. The government created the Loyalty Review Board to verify the loyalty of all government workers and tried to control the fear of Americans. The fear of the ‘red menace,’ or communism spread among the citizens is known as Red Scare. Based on the threat of communism, the restriction of civil liberties was done by not only federal government but also the state and local governments in the nation.
Many Americans were dissatisfied with Capitalism during the Depression
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Some innocent people were afraid that they might be accused of being an extremist. State and local police, military intelligence, private detective companies, and federal agencies like FBI formed and acted as law enforcement agent groups to target against foreigners, radicals and labor unions. McCarthy and his team accused many individuals of being communists and many Americans lost their jobs due to the accusations. The situation of fear and panic instigated by McCarthyism led thousands of Americans to sign loyalty oaths, many innocent people were imprisoned and some of the foreigners were deported from the…show more content…
During this Cold War period, Americans intuited communism as a feasible threat, called “Red Scare” led to negotiations to civil liberties. Civil Liberties accentuate preeminence of individual rights and personal freedoms over and against any kind of authority. Civil liberties are basic freedoms assured by the Bill of Rights or elucidated by courts and lawmakers. Civil liberties protect personal freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly. The restriction of civil liberties was done by policymakers in the federal, state and local governments and the news media was attacked regularly on the basis of its alleged liberal bias. Some of the rights include the right for legal counsel, right to a jury trial, right to be cruel and unusual punishments help to protect innocent people during prosecution. Many Americans believed the enquiring intruded on civil liberties and objected to investigate
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