Red Shirt Experience Analysis

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For the senior/sophomore experience I had many different roles. I helped the students get logged into the computer at Regional Hospital and also helped them get into Meditech. Since it was the first clinical for the sophomore group, many passwords didn’t work. Therefore, I had the chance to show a few students where the IT department was and help them get assistance on getting their passwords figured out. The students were very limited as to what they could do during the clinical. They had not been checked off on vital signs or any part of physical assessments yet. Therefore, I assisted students and their patients with the proper way to ambulate and get non-independent patients on the commode or to the bathroom. Overall, I felt that my biggest…show more content…
These experiences have allowed me to become much more culturally aware of the different aspects of the Native American culture. Each experience was very different, however, there was certain similarities among each of them. For instance, the cultural awareness presentation talked about the importance of elders in the Native American culture. At both presentations that I attended, I noticed that the speakers were elder and that the attendees showed an immense amount of respect during these presentations. I also found this noticeable at Red Shirt, the instructors were very clear on their role and the students seemed to look up to their teachers. I feel like these experiences have helped me to develop more knowledge about the culture, which will be very important once I get a job in the Rapid City…show more content…
I definitely feel that these values are demonstrated at each activity that I participated in one way or another. For example, the senior sophomore experience, the students and I displayed human dignity while placing an immobilized elderly woman onto the bedpan. We made sure that we positioned the patient safely onto the bedpan and ensured that the currents were closed and she received privacy throughout the process. I think I displayed integrity to the students as I was honest when they asked me questions or advice on certain skills or questions about nursing school. The senior sophomore experience also allowed me to practice autonomy, as I was able to walk around between the 5th, 9th, and 10th floors to supervise the students and see how they were doing. I also think that I promoted social justice by treating every patient the same regardless of background. Another outcome was to demonstrate competency in critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment. I believe this learning outcome was crucial in the senior sophomore experience as well since it was most of the 1st semester students’ first time ever caring for a patient. When assisting the students with ambulating some of their patients, I used critical thinking and clinical judgment to determine if we had all of the
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