Red Song Analysis

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Music can be considered one of the most influential forms of expression within society. By exploring itself through the different senses such as sight, sound and feel, music can guide a person’s feelings through a broad array of emotions. Certain songs may even hold a special place in one’s heart. Whether it reminds them of a loved one, a place or even a time within their life that shares a meaning. “Pieces” by the band known as Red, would be the song I find resonates with me the most. This is by far the most beautiful and meaningful song that has ever graced my ears. Not only is the instrumental being of the song elegant and moving enough on its own, but the lyrics find a way to bury their significance deep within my heart as well. This…show more content…
With the way the lyrics are written, the song could either be about a loved one or a sort of spiritual figure such as a god. For me in general, I tend to associate this song with my faith in Christianity. I find it relates well with the relationship I hold personally between my God and myself. The song “Pieces” speaks in a first person point of view where the individual is calling out for help. Throughout the song the individual states that once again they are lost and feel broken inside from attempting to face the outside world on their own. Once they cross paths with whomever they are singing about, their sense of purpose and identity is in a way revealed again. My favorite verse in this song, “I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole”, paints a meaning of love within my heart. I constantly stray away from my faith and fall short of who I’m meant to be. I let the outside world take control of my life, beat me down and tear me apart. God however is always by my side whether I choose to look or not, and when I come to realize that I am not alone and am able to see his love once again, I feel as if I’ve been put back together. When I face the reality of knowing he is my father and I am his daughter, everything seems to flow efficiently in my life. By having his hand to hold me up I am able to accomplish anything that life may put in front of
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