Red Sorghum Analysis

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The Difference of color use of red in “Red Sorghum” and “Raise the Red Lantern” There are numerous uses of red in "Red Sorghum" and " Raise the Red Lantern " to express the emotion or characteristics of the objects which related to the theme, but both effects seem different, that the red used in the "Red Sorghum" brings a full of excitement, while the other gives the audience a sense of chill. This difference stems from the association of the red itself, and applied to what things and the characteristics of the formation. This paper first analyzes the two selected films of the red objects, and then sum up their characteristics to explain the differences generated by them. Red sorghum is a wine abounded in Shibalipo and is an important clue to promote the development of the entire film plot.…show more content…
The wild sorghum was considered as a place of evil by the local. When the red sedan chair went through it, they then encountered the so-called bandit robbery. The bandit held Jiu’er's red shoes, and she smiled rather than fear, the movement may imply that the woman to accept the act of the court, and Jiu’er seemed to be relieved in this wild sorghum. After the third day of the marriage, Jiu’er had to return to her homeland, according to custom. She also passed through the same sorghum fields and was caught there again by fake bandit, later on she found that he was a bearer of the sedan. Subsequently, there was only the sound of red sorghum shaking and trampling by the wind and the bearer. Jiu’er was lying on this piece of green covered with wild sorghum while wearing a red wedding clothing, and had sex with the bearers under the rolling sound of drum. This showed their pursuit of freedom of love, and the side of natural wild. The red sorghum seemed could change the tragedy of marriage linked to money. From the heart of unwilling to showing a grin, that place was considered as obtaining a satisfactory for
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