Descriptive Essay: Red Tail Lights

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Red Tail Lights
When I found myself laying on the road in the middle of a highway, staring at the red tail lights of my dad's old beat up Chevrolet pickup truck. Understandably, I was in complete shock at first, wondering what just happened to me. As I was laying on the road, there were headlights coming toward me shocked me as well.
Back in the day, my dad loved his old truck. The truck was a beat up old truck, that he had gotten at an inexpensive price. He was a sign painter and needed a truck that he would not mind getting messy by all the paint and ladders. The truck ran great, but it looked unsightly. There were a few things wrong with it though, the passenger door. See, the door did not always lock, even when you would lock it. The door would open, even if you would barely touch it. Understandably, no one riding in the truck with my dad, wanted to ride by the passenger door. Nevertheless, my
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The story begins on a very cold Wednesday night, when I was 12, my dad, sister, and I was headed back home from church. Driving home that night, we came upon the bright yellow blinking lights to turn left off the highway to head home, as we had done so many times before. The next thing I knew, I found myself tumbling out of my dad's beat up old pickup truck, as we were turning the corner. The only thing I remember is tumbling out so fast and my head being very close to the back tire. In addition, I could read clearly the word Goodyear, my dad’s tires. While I was regaining my thoughts, I saw the red taillights, glowing as red as the sun, coming from of my dad's truck and bright white headlights coming from a car that was headed right towards me, as I was lying on highway. Thankfully, I jumped up as soon as I realized what had happened to me, trying not to get run over by the car that was heading straight at me. Freighted and still a little shocked, I just stood there like a deer in
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