Redaction Criticism And Discripture In The Bible

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Most academic techniques are used in the everyday life to find the real meaning to the intention of an author’s text or writings. Most at times biblical criticism is done to find accuracy of an original meaning of a text of a scripture in within the bible. A historical method used in the biblical criticism helps to find the various historical events which might have occurred during the period of history. An example includes an historical movement in the biblical criticism about the historical Jesus, his doings and things he said in some scriptures. Thus, this essay talks about the importance of the originality of various events which should be known about the messages of some authors in scripture in the bible to the audience, by using Form Criticism in the New Testament, Redaction Criticism and Textual Criticism to describe the deduction of an original message by an author. Redaction criticism of the bible is a theology that in different ways auditors and interprets the early biblical writing. This is done by exaggerating and correcting text in the biblical text from the beginning of the Jews and Christian history to change them and make them look more real. Redaction criticism changes the unique way of the quality of the biblical text and set multiples of doubts of the bible and makes it look deceitful as a biblical text or historical document. Before the redaction critic was confined only to the synoptic gospels, (which were Matthew, Mark, John and Luke) but as time

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