Reddam House Wetlands Essay

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Aim: To determine if the condition of the Reddam House Wetland is suitable for use by the

Reddam House Students.

Hypothesis: The wetland will be safe for the use by Reddam House students as there have

been no cases of illness due to hazardous soil or water etc or any contact with the wetland and

there is a vast number of fauna and flora breeding and growing in the wetland.

Test 1- Testing the Ph of a soil

The soil of a safe wetland tend to be slightly acidic, however if the wetland is too acidic it could be

very dangerous towards the students, causing skin damage.

Method of test 1:

1. Use a spade to dig a hole 4 inches deep.

2. Break up the soil within the hole and remove any twigs, stones or foreign debris

3. Fill the hole
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The PH of the soil:

Soil PH is simply a measure of how acid or alkaline the soil is on a scale of 1-14 , and

soil acidity or alkalinity (soil pH) is important because it influences how easily plants

can take up nutrients from the soil; thus indicating the health of the soil. from 6.0 to 7.5.

Below pH 6.0, some nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are less

available. When pH exceeds 7.5, iron, manganese, and phosphorus are less available.

Macro-organisms found in the soil:

If a lot of worms or other organisms are found in the soil, it will indicate that the soil is

most probably healthy enough for the access of people as it is not to acidic or alkaline to

contain life because Earthworms need moisture and nutrients.

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