Redefined The Civil War Essay

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The civil war redefined what it meant to be an American because the nation was divided. The civil war redefined to be an American because it changed laws and american’s were also divided over slavery. Nobody ever helped Sojourner Truth get into carriages,over mud puddles or even gives her any best place. Frederick Douglass told others that they would be free when you are twenty-one during the civil war, but he said that he is a slave for life. Paul Revere quotes said On a shadowy something far away,where the river widens to meet the bay,a line of black,that bends and floats on the rising tide,like a bridge of boats so it basically has something to do with the civil war or the fact that he feels bad for the people who are slaves and need help.…show more content…
As a slave, he played the key role in fueling the abolitionist movement in the north prior to the civil war. He procures the assistance of others in teaching himself to read despite the laws of prohibiting slaves from learning such skills. Then, Sojourner Truth said that She had born thirteen children and when she cried out nothing but Jesus heard her. One of her quotes said “Well if the women upset the world, do give her a chance to set it right up again”. I think that this quote meant in her times that women could not do anything only guys could and that if she ever did something to not expel her to give her a chance to give her best again. Sojourner could not read, but can hear well.She said that she has plowed,reaped,husked,chopped and mowed and can any man do more than that.Nobody has ever helped her get anywhere or give her any good place to go or stay. Briefly, Less than twenty years after the end of the American Civil War managed to persuade almost all of the surviving commanders to contribute a total of over 350 articles on just about every aspect of the war. The civil war redefined to be an American because it changed laws and americans were also divided over
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