Redefining Realness By Janet Mock Analysis

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To redefine something means to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change. In the case of Janet Mock she is redefining the beliefs of transgender women. She is staying away from society's belief and judgments about what's real and accepted versus what's not. The question of “realness” is the main theme of the memoir by Janet Mock. “To embody ''realness," rather than performing and competing "realness" enables trans women to enter spaces with a lower risk of being rebutted or questioned, policed or attacked. "Realness" is a pathway to survival, and the heaviness of these truths were a lot for a thirteen-year-old to carry" (116). Over time, for Janet being “real” means living in her truth, participating in loving relationships,…show more content…
Redefining realness by Janet Mock is a memoir in which Janet discusses essential aspects about her life and her path to womanhood. “I felt I had endured enough. From some cavernous place, I reached inside myself and grabbed the courage to take a long trip back to a place I never thought I’d revisit” (Mock 11). A young Hawaiian girl by the name Marilyn who Mock…show more content…
"Gender is such a familiar part of daily life that it usually takes a deliberate disruption of our expectations of how women and men are supposed to act to pay attention to how it is produced"(The Social Construction of Gender 65). This tells us that once someone does something out of the "norm" then we start to conceive ideas of what gender is and how it is produced. Once something is done out of what we were taught and perceived to believe is right we then frown upon these actions. Our genitalia is often used as an indicator of which sex we belong to. The reading also talks about gender stratification and how it ranks men above women. Men are often seen or treated better and of more importance than women. Looking at most businesses men are the ones that are the head. Many women are not seen as capable of doing certain jobs or are not allowed to do certain jobs. I heard a statement before that stated that a women cannot run a country because she is more emotional and will make emotional decisions unlike
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