Redemption In Crime And Punishment, By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Crime and Punishment is a novel written by Fyodor Dostoevsky during the 1860s. In the novel the author showsargues that to achieve redemption you must first go through suffering, repentance, and acceptance. Though in the novel the only character that receives redemption is Raskolnikov, Svidrigailov´s action at the end cause the reader to feel empathy towards him and consider that he too deserved redemption, but only in the reader’s eyes, and not necessarily in the eyes of the author.
In Crime and Punishment it is argued that we achieve redemption through suffering and repentance.Throughout the novel we have our major character, which is Raskolnikov in a constant battle between whether to turn himself in or not. He remains paranoid and guilty, which causes him to become sick becausebecuase he can’´t bare with the idea of the murder and the guilt is too much. [Porfiry:] "I am convinced that you will decide, 'to take your suffering. ' You don 't believe my words now, but you 'll come to it of yourself. For suffering, Rodion Romanovitch, is a great thing."( Part 6, chapter 2)In this quote the author shows us that suffering for many characters in the book is a good thing. Suffering for the characters in the book means that they can be saved, that they´re suffering because they are repaying for the bad they´ve done.
The author tells us that suffering makes you a good person through this quote"Even as it is, she was quite right: she was suffering and that was her asset, so to
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