Redemption In John Steinbeck's 'On The Rainy River End'

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On The Rainy River End Question #1

Is it possible to find redemption for a shameful choice one has made? If so, How might one find redemption?

Life is encompassed with a multitude of challenges that we must overcome to reach the destination we set for human being can successfully navigate these challenges without failure and thus shame is born. The failure to over come an obstacle creates the human emotion of shame and shame can linger on in our conscience for long periods of time. Consiquentily shame causes feelings of regret and unworthiness. How does an individual then over come shame and achieve redemption. The ability to overcome an obstacle that has previously denied us access is one way. The human ability to preserver
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Here the battle lies in the realm of the psychological. Redemmption is possible only throught the acceptance of ourselves and commitment towards the future. If an individual feel shame because of decissions he made In the past he can only redeem himself In the future. Compensation for his actions yield a positive affect on the mind. Humans feel good after doing good. And It is possible to find redemption in doing the opposite that caused you them shame in the first place. If you took an apple from a kid and made him cry them you could give it back to him or give an apple to another boy to earn a sense of redemption. How ever sometimes redemption requires a larger commitment depending on how shamefull you feel and sometimes you may feel that you may never experience redemption this is were you must accept what you've done or failed to do and move on. You must promise to yourself that you wont reapeat them same terrible action you comited in the past. Throught time and various deeds of good intention you begin to earn redemption and become shameless once
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