Summary: Why Others Are Necessary For Personal Growth

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First question In chapter 1-3, Dr. Tripp explains why others are necessary for personal growth in the gospel. Before the Fall, everything is perfect and there was no sin nor struggle in the world. But sadly, Adam and Eve sinned, the perfect relationship between people and God was destroyed. Fear, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety came into human’s life. Humanity cannot save themselves from sins. Sins produces rebellion and foolishness. With sin people are incapable to fulfill God’s will in their lives. Praise God! God granted us the redeemer Jesus. If we repent before the Lord Jesus who is our true hope and help, He will restore us to God. No matter what kind of experience people have had,…show more content…
One important reason why all people need help is that God created people in this way. Even before the Fall of human, people need help from God. They had a close walk with God and they dependent on God for all the provisions. God created people in a special way, which was different from any other animal. Mankind are revelation receivers, interpreters and worshipers. Only in God and with God’s word, their needs could be satisfied. However, people are often influenced by the things in this world. Moreover, since the Fall, Satan has been working to deceive mankind. That is why people need God’s wisdom to choose to obey God. Though we are saved, and the power of sin has been broken, but we still could have sinful, unbelieving heart. The sinful heart will turn away from the living God and the heart will be hardened. So, we need to encourage one another daily to turn back to God. Therefore, others are necessary for personal growth in the gospel. That is also how Hebrew 3:12-13 tells…show more content…
Tripp is “Love, Know, Speak and Do.” If we want to be the instrument of redeemer, we need to learn these four ways to help the people in need. People tend to think that their problem is something outside, such as their circumstance, but actually their real problem is their hearts. So, our primary goal is heart change. We can trust in the Lord to use this four-part model to serve someone’s life. One important thing is that we need to use these four ways simultaneously as we serve other people, which dose not mean a four-step
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