The Ultimate Gift Film Analysis

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The timeless theme of redemption is manifested in the film The Ultimate Gift by Michael O. Sajbel through Jason Stevens’ adjustment from a spoiled and passionless rich kid to a hardworking, supportive, and kind man. First of all, in the film, Jason’s character develops from spoiled and selfish to a generous and giving person. For instance, at the beginning of the film, money was always available for Jason and he believed that money was the key to a good life. He believed that for money, “It’s a way to live life worry free. Money takes away the worry.” (Film). Everything that Jason did was for his own benefit and he wouldn’t dare to help anyone if he wasn’t getting anything in return. Jason came back from his first task only to be greeted with…show more content…
Emily’s Home also has an employment center that allows parents to find employment to assist in paying medical bills while their child undergoes treatment. Alexia and Emily taught Jason that life isn’t easy for everyone and Jason was able to change after realizing that he wanted to help those struggling in life. The film, The Ultimate Gift, fits in with the modern time frame because children with wealthy parents feel that they have a sense of entitlement. In addition, Jason learns to think about, caring for, and love others and recognizes the significance of all three when he becomes almost like a family with Emily and Alexia. By a way of example, Jason hated his grandfather and didn’t care or express any feelings of grief or sorrow when he passed. He didn’t care that he was sitting on a homeless person’s bench in the park and when he was in a relationship with Caitlin it was more because she was into his money and not him. Later, Jason finds out that Emily has leukemia and he starts to feel concerned for
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