Redemption Song Analysis

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Music has essentially become a part of each individual. It turns out to be a tool that grants us freedom to express how we feel, without having to open our mouths to say a word. It serves as the link and connection between cultural and social entities since our existence. In this very meticulous era, music has been lifting up every single person and various communities to an almost immeasurable extent. Music is widely used in spreading the word, bargaining, communicating, interacting, sociocultural enrichment, and other informative purposes that we can associate with the kind of life we live. As time goes by, it also tries to establish a legacy of molding ourselves with diverse and massive impacts. As we dig deeper into history, we can see…show more content…
We can speak to those who were blinded by false smear and lies so we can tell them the truth. Through music, Bob Marley gave us a picture of how appalling and awful the slave trade was. It was through his song, the ‘Redemption Song’. The song narrates the suffering and experiences of untold number of Africans and how desperate they were to regain their dignity. Marley’s “Redemption Song” inspired and pursue social change among us. It is the thought and message that counts. Truth be told, music can unite different communities and cultures despite of cultural, political and linguistic barriers. Perhaps, it evokes and teaches us the cultural constituents of other people, allowing us to broaden our minds and understanding about a certain group or…show more content…
It is similar to the feeling of being underestimated. The brave Africans were underestimated and were not valued and perhaps up to this day, they are racially discriminated by immoral, rude individuals and dreadful communities. Millions of Africans were captured and sent to America as slaves. Also, they were sold and traded as if they weren’t living. They aren’t just robbed out from their homelands but their souls and beliefs are also judged. They were Africans and they lived in their hometown peacefully. But, their rights were thrown like a trash. Prior to that, they were snatched away from their homes and towns. Some of them have faced death already while being sent to different places. And, the first-round survivors or those who were on their way to misery suffered to a great extent and were set straight to heavy work in horrible conditions, with no means of escaping from this bitter truth. They didn’t want any of this and it is clearly obvious that they didn’t have any option. The incompetent and absurd persecutors shipped them to America. As far as we know, Africa and America have different cultures, traditions, and lifestyle. Also, they were traversing from one place to another, depending on what their owners have agreed. Aside from being tormented and working, it is obvious that there is an abrupt shift and circulation in culture, viewpoints, ideas, and lifestyle

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