Redemption Time Analysis

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The scene Redemption Time is an extremely dramatic and effective piece, because of the elements that it contains. Furthermore, the theme of conflict and tension that ran throughout the piece made it come alive. Also, the emotions and struggles among the characters created a form of excitement that draws attention from its reader. There was a battle between the old (Ms. Audrey) and the young (her children). This in essence was a comparison between rigidity and flexibility and the unwillingness and willingness to accept and reject changes. In addition, a sense of fear was running through the minds of both the old and young. In that, the old do not know what to expect from the uprising movement and the new would like to be a part of the New Movement, but the sounds of gunshots pose too many threats to them.
Ms. Audrey was Winston’s mother. She was an unforgiving and cold-hearted mother towards him. She was always concerned about Gary’s party and her high level of ignorance led her to be constantly fighting over words with Winston. Nevertheless, being the Christian that he was, Winston remained calm with the hope that his mother would understand his point of view. However, their conversation became like a battle between ideology (mother) and philosophy (son). Therefore, they were never able
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Also, when Ms. Audrey Made mention of the living conditions of the previous generation it gave us a sense of how things use to be. Exposition in any piece establishes the setting and provides background information that assist the reader in understanding the reasons for every character’s actions and motives. Hence, a prelude was given as to what the play Redemption Time is all about. In addition, the exposition can reveal the types of personality traits that each character portraits such as hardheartedness, unforgiveness, retaliation, love
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