Redfern Now Analysis

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Redfern Now Practice Essay: How is the idea of belonging explored in Redfern Now
Introduction: The idea of belonging in Redfern Now is explored by the choices taken by the characters. The main points that can be made for this is: the culture and racism affect as well as explore the belonging in Redfern Now, the principal’s choice to expel Joel and the characters own choice of where he wants to belong. The interpretations that can be mad about this are that the belonging in Redfern Now can be changed and explored by the different characters choice. The idea of belonging is put on the head of the characters that make the choice to further express belonging in Redfern Now.
Point 1: Culture and Racism explore Redfern Now in a way that nothing else can be expressed. Culture and Racism is the issue that affects the belonging of the characters and this is explored by the racism done by the principal as well as Joel standing up, which explored their idea of belonging. As it is said, many people have different ideas to culture hence, giving them different images/perspectives of belonging. Furthermore, culture and racism is proved to explore the idea of belonging when the father (Eddie) mentions the referendum as
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Although, this does affect another characters belonging, all done by another’s choice. In addition to that, the choice made by the principal affected the aboriginal’s community belonging in the school which was one of the main keys that interpreted in Redfern Now. The idea of belonging that was explored by this choice thoroughly since it not only had affected Joel’s belonging but had change the parent’s idea or perspective of belonging as well and this occurrence since the expulsion had put the taken Joel out of the scene and made his family hopeless and no idea where they actually belonged
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