Advantages Of Redshirting

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Is Redshirting an Advantage or Disadvantage
If people have the opportunity to be the tallest strongest smartest and most mature student in the classroom with a but the reason they were among the brightest was because they were the oldest in Malcolm gladwell 's book The outliers he made it Reader realize how redshirting is a new technique to get your child ahead in education and sports by holding them back a year in kindergarten. He shows an analogy with hockey players and retarded children his research shows that no hockey players were born in fall and mostly in the winter and spring the hockey cutoff date is in January 1st making player that didn 't make the cut off date having an advantage by putting them on the lower each team but they
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But his math skills are far above those in his class this shows that the child already knows the information and the parents are just holding their child back for the purpose of high test scores and their kids to be considered the brightest of the class too low and it becomes boring well too high and it becomes on the morning if you put a person who is supposed to be an algebra and he and you put them in regular algebra they will surely get an A+ on every test an assignment but what if he 's truly learning and getting from this class eventually they will get bored and lose motive to excel as a student reading is a waste of Education time and bored the child…show more content…
The final reason is kind of an ethical one in this day and age in order to get ahead Samuel mother says you have to be behind but he is no way is he promoting that but he is actually saying that it is belittling to redshirted children the funny is that in the past if you wanted your child to get ahead you would want them to skip a grade now in order to get ahead you want him to stay back a year this quote supports her wretched children are just being put in the easiest position to succeed because they are not given challenging opportunities to test their limits making them the best that they can be read should and should not be the way of the future I do not want to be in a future for myself what is my grade and what
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