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In commercials, humor is the most effective way to catch a buyers eye and attention.
In the snickers commercial, betty white is playing a game of football. The quarterback throws her the ball and it goes right through her hands,and she gets smoked by a defender. She comes into the huddle and the whole team is ragging on her. A girl comes down from the bleachers and gives betty white a snickers, “better” she said, the man betty white transfered into said “better”. The next play the quarterback who ragged on “betty white” turns into an old man and gets sacked in the back field because he was hungry and needed a snickers. The message of this commercial is that “you 're not you when you 're hungry”. They use old people in the commercial because when you 're hungry you play slow and laggy and bad. If you
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Doesn 't matter if it 's a boy or a girl they get smoked. The Purpose of the commercial is to show you that terry the linebacker pick the pace up of an office. In the commercial terry is wearing a reebok jersey, I think this is showing that reebok can be put through a lot and you can rely on reebok for a good results. In short commercial humor plays a huge roll on hooking buyers, and catching their attention. Another factor in catching a buyer 's eye is using celebrities. In the “Pantene” commercial Deangelo Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers running back, is doing his daughter 's hair. His daughter throws him a curveball by asking him to do braided pigtails. Deangelo only knows how to put her hair into a ponytail, and she then asks him to put a bow inside her braid. He does this and then he realizes that he just pigtailed braided his daughter hair. Deangelo finishes his daughters hair and to his astonishment it looks really good. He turns his daughter to the mirror and she lights up with excitement and tells her dad she loves him. At the end of the
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