Reel Bad Arabs Documentary Analysis

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The Foundation of stereotypes
When you pick a documentary, what’s the first thing you notice: color, the image and the bold letters on the cover? They are usually no more than three words just burning on the cover. But we never consider from where the author or authors came up with them, or what purpose do they hold. In the documentary Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People, the title holds a significant meaning. It represents the movement of how Hollywood has portrayed Arabs through the decades. This is very important understand because it has lead society to significantly change the way it view Arabs. Nevertheless, there’s more to the documentary then just its title. The documentary attempts to show why the view of Arabs has changed, and what events have contributed to that change and how it affects Arabs today. The documentary starts with the narrator voice Jack Shaheen. He states “Arabs are the most maligned group in the history of Hollywood. They’re portrayed basically as
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There were accurate facts presented to inform us on how movies such as the Aladdin presents stereotype of Arabs to its audience. Also, All other materials were accurate in informing us where the stereotypes are in the movies and what theme they behold. There is hard evidence that we can find and see in every movie clip presented to us. Almost every statement made by the narrator given regarding how Arab stereotype is found in different themes in movies is followed by evidence, which is the movie clip. For example, when the narrator talked about Arab land. Right after that statement, we the audience are giving evidence of it in the clip of Ali Baba kit. Towards the end, the narrator uses the same persuasive tone that he been using throughout the documentary to encourage the viewer to change the way the think about
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