Reel Bad Arabs Reflection

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Giving detailed examples and unique points is something that I consider a strength of mine. In my paper “Reel Bad Arabs Reflection,” I wrote a paragraph describing how these horrible stereotypes derive from the news. I mentioned how the media had immediately assumed it was Muslim or Middle Eastern terrorists who had been the cause of the bombing in Oklahoma City; even though they couldn’t have been farther away from the truth. Additionally, I mentioned how Palestinians are often depicted as terrorists. To make my point clear, I stated, “If the United States had supported Palestine instead of Israel, you would never find the stereotypes in our films.” Furthermore, the organization of my papers is another one of my strengths. My cultural event…show more content…
Additionally, I used many phrases beginning with “I believe,” “I couldn’t,” or “I was.” Learning to start my sentences in more creative and interesting way would truly help improve my writing. Moreover, I need to improve my use of creative elements. For my paper “The American Dream,” I was instructed to insert multiple different types of creative elements. I threw in some rhetorical questions, hyperbole, and strong vocabulary. I had neglected to include any similes, metaphors, allusions, or alliteration. Looking back at the paper, I could’ve alluded to Letters from an American Farmer—a book we talked about in class—and taken a little more time to add some adjectives and alliteration. Although, I see where I could’ve added these elements, I still struggle with adding similes and metaphors. I can never find suitable places to put them or even come up with decent ones to begin with. Finally, I would say that one of my main weaknesses as a writer is my titles. “Reel Bad Arabs Reflection,” “The Crucible,” and “Horror Movies?” are a few of my titles that have been criticized for being boring and unoriginal, which I can understand. Usually I finish writing my papers and just name the paper whatever it was

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