What Is The Importance Of Acting In Fahrenheit 451

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The viewers of the play of Ray Bradbury’s, Fahrenheit 451, agreed that the reenactment was very different than what they were expecting, after reading the novel. The play was not the worst thing the audience had seen but it certainly wasn’t the best. For a well known novel that complies censorship, the Fahrenheit 451 play was very unsatisfactory due to its absence of acting skills, unnecessary props and scenes, and erroneous interpretations and plot. The absence of superior acting skills is not something that is wanted out of a play when that is the main component. During this play the actress portraying the character of Clarisse was exceedingly dramatic and too monotone. She did have a lot of excitement in her voice but it was at the point that it was too peppy and cheery that it resulted in everyone getting annoyed. The actor performing as Montag did not seem to have much expression on his face and acted very staged unlike being flowy and smooth. The older actors like Beatty and Faber were very good at making the scenes and conversations look natural throughout the entire play. Everyone knew their lines but the way they were presented to the…show more content…
All of these problems could have been fixed by practicing more natural dialogue, having people review the play before its final performance, and making sure that certain scenes are not taken too far out of context. If all or most of these problems were solved, this play would have been really attention grabbing and a different way to understand how censorship was a huge conflict back then and how life was in the past. In conclusion, this play was not what anyone was expecting and certainly was contradicting to the original

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