Competency In Library

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Competency I
Competency I is defined as:

Use service concepts, principles, and techniques to connect individuals or groups with accurate, relevant, and appropriate information;


As a librarian, one needs to be able to connect with individuals and groups and deliver relevant and accurate information. It is an expected part of the service that reference and service librarians alike should be able to uphold. Haycock, K., Sheldon, B.E. (2008) states, “Reference is personal–each user receives assistance specific to his or her individual needs. Reference is also interaction between the user and the staff. Whereas other aspects of the library focuses internally in areas such as building collections and creating search tools, reference
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Traditionally, reference librarians are usually associated with having the ability to answer a patron’s questions and needs. The library is a place where individuals connect the concept of learning and knowledge with librarians. It is the duty and responsibility of a reference librarian to be able to answer a patron’s query. If a reference librarian does not know the answer, they must be able to perform the task of guiding the patron in the right direction to the correct answer. Haycock, K., Sheldon, B.E. (2008) specify that, “As public libraries became popular, they continued two kinds of books: those that could be checked out and those that were kept in the library for referral. These books commonly became known as “reference” books. When librarians were hired to help people, those librarians also used the reference books, and soon became known as “reference” librarians” (Haycock, K., & Sheldon, B.E., p. 131). While reference books aren’t considered as a popular item these days due to the Internet and technology, reference librarians still act as liaisons to the world of knowledge and…show more content…
As a digital reference librarian, there may be different responsibilities and roles. In today’s modern world filled with the Internet and apps, digital reference librarians may need to adapt to different forms of technology and Internet use. As a digital reference librarian, it is the librarian’s duty to stay connected with the students that may need to ask for help. These various forms of being connected include being able to conduct e-mail, and chat services. While sending and receiving email may be a simple task, a digital reference librarian must be able to provide answers for students who seek information, and help guide them in the right direction, and handling it in a professional manner. Depending on the institution or library, a digital reference librarian may also have to enable chat services. This means that these librarians must be able to adapt to any technological aspects from downloading hardware/software, being able to use various apps if needed, and connecting with students from chat services. A digital reference librarian must be able to be flexible in most all forms of digital
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