Referential Elements In The Island

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One of the important features of a composite novel is its setting or its referential field which is the main referential elements in creating and connecting the meaning in reader’s mind (Dunn 30-31). The Island is the main fictional place in Lost where everything happens or eventually is going to happen. It is where the survivors of the plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815 started to become a community; it brought them there, accidentally (or purposefully). However, it is also a middle place (between Australia and America), where everyone is stuck. From the beginning the island plays an active role in the movie; it heals people (beginning with John Lock and Rose), it makes them do things and go to places. The island is the place where every incident happens, supposed to happen and even when it happens somewhere else, it is related to another incidents on the island. By this method the authors succeeded to knot every events of the story to the island and the mind of the audience. Landscape’s bipolarity. The Island’s landscape is consisted of its binary oppositions and it represents different sides of everything and places them in opposite positions. This symbolic codification is a habit of mind to understand complexities (Smith 76-77). The first appeared opposition is the…show more content…
While the latter used to live in houses and had water and electricity, or as Ben called it in “A Tale of Two Cities” “Civilized”, since the former group has crashed on the island, they were forced to find a suitable habitat for themselves (S3E1). After living a while on the beach, because of the shortage of water, they searched for a new shelter and discovered a cave. Commuting between the shores and the cave, they found themselves preys of other random animals or The Others. The bipolarity of the landscape depicts differences between the two groups lives and challenges in front of the

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