Refill Pilot Team Case Study

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Highly motivated to impact patient safety and quality of care. Experience with project management within Bellin’s refill pilot team, involving one-one training with orientation, competency assessment completions, evaluation of knowledge and understanding, in addition to implementation of evidenced-based practice involvement with protocol utilization. Achieved bachelor’s degree in nursing from Marian University May 2013. Part-time nursing master’s student at Marian University graduation anticipation December 2019. Licensure/Certification: WI Nursing License (File Number: 198659-30), CPR/AED Certified, NIH Stroke Scale Certification (2015), Pain Management Course Completion. Leadership involvement achievements: One of two selected Refill Pilot…show more content…
Ambulatory care settings are often the first places where patients discover why patient’s chose Bellin. Bellin has illuminated my professional career, advocating for patients and families within my current ambulatory setting position, as evidence in finding a personal passion in supporting a pilot refill team as the lead registered nurse coordinator was on maternity leave. This previous experience has given me the insight to further challenge myself. Professional development has expanded not only myself in my career professionally, as well as educationally in working toward my masters within nursing, but through involvement as now a committee member of the advancement team. In completing three advancement program cycles as a participant, signifies how increased awareness can be expanded further into ambulatory settings as a number of extravagant opportunities for professional career advancements. As lifelong learning continues, it is important to focus on patients and family outcomes through teamwork collaboration, advocating, effective communication, and equally, self-driven to accomplish goals to create and coordinate activities to promote professional development, is why I have chosen to apply for the ambulatory nurse educator
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